The List

The vow: I will (try very hard) not (to) buy another book until I’ve made a serious dent in these! I am out of shelf space! Again! Double stacked over here!

Here is my master list of all the books I own but have currently not read. Will be updated as I try to plough through them, if I review any (and I’m pretty behind the times, so don’t expect anything groundbreaking) they’ll be linked next to the title in the list. This does not include books I am partially through (yet). It is all books I possess – gifted, stole, left behind by guests – not library books. Apart from The Host which Rivka lent me about eighteen months ago. Should probably bump that to near the top. Anywhere there is massive clump all by the same author it was probably bought/received as a set.



Abercrombie, J. Heroes

Allende, I. Daughter of Fortune

Asprin, R. Another Fine Myth

Asprin, R. Little Myth Marker

Asprin, R. M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link

Asprin, R. Myth Directions

Asprin, R. Phule’s Paradise

Asprin, R. Sweet Myth-tery of Life

Binns, S. Conquest

Blixen, K. Out of Africa

Brown, M. The Unlikely Ones

Campbell, A. God of Clocks

Cory Daniells, R. The Uncrowned King

Defoe, G. The Pirates! In an Adventure with the Romantics

Eco, U. Le nom de la Rose (in French)

Forster, E.M. Maurice

Gregory, P. The White Princess

Grossman, L. The Magicians

Harris, J. Runemarks

Hayes, T. I Am Pilgrim

Heinlein, R. Stranger in a Strange Land

Hobb, R. Royal Assassin

Humphreys, C.C. Vlad

Hunt, S. From the Deep of the Dark

Hunt, S. Jack Cloudie

Hunt, S. Secrets of the Fire Sea

Iggulden, C. Emperor: The Death of Kings

Iggulden, C. Emperor: The Field of Swords

Knight, B. Crowner’s Quest

Knight, B. Fear in the Forest

Knight, B. Figure of Hate

Knight, B. The Awful Secret

Knight, B. The Elixir of Death

Knight, B. The Manor of Death

Knight, B. The Poisoned Chalice

Knight, B. The Sanctuary Seeker

Knight, B. The Tinner’s Corpse

Knight, B. The Witch Hunter

Lawhead, S. Hood

Leonard, A. Moth and Spark

Lukyanenko, S. The Day Watch

Lynch, S. The Republic of Thieves

Meyer, S. The Host

Morgan, R. The Cold Commands

Neumeier, R. The Griffin Mage (trilogy)

Parris, S.J. Treachery

Penman, S. The Reckoning

Penman, S. When Christ and His Saints Slept

Ramaswami Raju, P.V. The Tales of the Sixty Mandarins

Scott, M. The Alchemyst

Shaw Gardner, C. A Malady of Magicks

Shaw Gardner, C. A Multitude of Monsters

Shaw Gardner, C. A Night in the Netherhells

Shaw Gardner, C. An Excess of Enchantments

Shaw Garnder, C. A Disagreement with Death

Stewart, M. The Prince and the Pilgrim

Taylor, L. Dreams of Gods and Monsters  **Review**

Turtledove, H. Ruled Britannia

Whitworth, V.M. The Bone Thief



Austen, J. Northanger Abbey

Bardugo, L. Shadow and Bone

Carey, J. Kushiel’s Dart

Connolly, J. The Charlie Parker Collection 1 (four books)

Ford, R. Lord of Ashes (technically I have read this as I got an advance copy, but I haven’t read the published, a little edited version)

Fowler, K. J. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Hobb, R. The Soldier’s Son (trilogy)

Jensen, D. L. Stolen Songbird

Lawrence, M. Prince of Thorns

Maas, S. J. Throne of Glass

Oakes, P. Getting Eden

Oakes, R. The Garden of Good and Eden  **Review**

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