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You join me at a turbulent time on my life, dear readers. Do you know about the auto-kinetic effect? Of course you do; you’re intelligent people. If not, I’m going to explain it very roughly anyway, so indulge an old woman, eh? The auto-kinetic effect is where you look at a stationary lamp/light in the darkness and it appears to be moving because of your eyes constantly tracking to keep focused.

At the moment I feel like I am the subject of autokinesis and inverse autokinesis, to wit: feeling like I am moving onward when I’m actually standing still, while simultaneously feeling like I am still when things are moving on around me.

I’ve got the Germany trip, the house move, an actual holiday and a ton of sewing to do. I do like to be busy but the next eight weeks are going to kill me. Of course it doesn’t help that I just spent the last hour looking at pretty shoes… mmm… shoes…

Enjoy the sun while it lasts, Britain! Wimbledon starts next week so expect End-of-Days downpours and sporadic outbursts of Cliff Richard (at least it isn’t Paul MacCartney).

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