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It’s Tuesday and that means… NEW BLOG POST DAY!

I have been tidying the attic to make it a more lived-in space, and I might put some pics up soon once the rest of the furniture arrives. I’ve been trying to keep busy and trying to get off my backside and actually do some stuff instead of spending all my time in front of the laptop.

To that end, I went for a walk this morning. I know! A proper one with walking boots and everything! The first half was pretty much all up hill, but that sort of slow, winding, gentle incline where you are slowly knackered without realising why. The second half was a steep descent where I could repeatedly say “I can see my house from here!” and look out over the Firth. It was worth doing from an exercise point of view, but it wasn’t as stunningly beautiful as I thought it would be. This is possibly because along the top section, where the best views would be that would make the climb worth it, some people have helpfully built holiday cottages so that they can enjoy the view. Cheers, you guys.

It was supposed to be nigh on four miles but I did it in about fifty minutes and I don’t think I walk that quickly, especially not up hills. Maths has never been my thing. Maybe I’m just thinking about all the walks we went on when I was little, that seemed to last for HOURS AND HOURS AND MILES AND MILES to my child mind and tiddly child legs, but that were probably an hour at the most. It’s probably right. I just Google-mapped the route and apparently it is 3.7 miles. Well done me, eh?

I’m still doing the Lies of Locke Lamora readalong. There’s a discussion every week and last night someone posted something that I disagreed with. I was about to go on a massive rant about but then I realised a. it was irrelevant to the actual book (and that’s what we were meant to be discussing) and b. it would have made me sound like a douche. So I left it and now I feel like I’ve grown as a person. Join in if you like. Three weeks to go! Details here.

I bought cherry Coke this morning and it is still the King of all Cokes. It’s currently sitting on the side going a bit flat because my body cannot handle the pure majesty of it. I am unworthy.

Last night, when I was meant to be going to bed early, I read Andrew Mayne’s Public Enemy Zero again. It’s still good. There’s a point near the beginning where the main character does the logical thing but we know it’s the worst possible thing to do, and that major OH GOD WHY reaction is still there. It’s 64p on Amazon UK so I think it’s worth a read.

What’s it about? I’d hate to spoil it. As the name suggests, it’s sort of a Public Enemy No.1/Patient Zero sort of story. It’s about a guy called Mitch who gets beaten up by stranger when he stops to help her change a flat tyre out on the road one night, and it goes downhill from there for him, really. He’s a bit of a loser – he does the graveyard shift on a local radio station – and a totally ordinary guy and he has to keep making stuff up as he goes along. It’s sort of The Fugitive meets 28 Days Later, except not really. I really don’t want to spoil it too much. It’s quite fast-paced and both times I’ve read it I have read the whole thing in one go. There is one totally ridiculous set-piece that wouldn’t be out of place in a cheesy explosions action film but mostly it’s not too overblown. Again, I say, 64p. Give it a go.

This is a bit disjointed but there we are.

I’m going to do a little writing experiment. When I have the time (which is NEVER but I will do it anyway) I’m going to write my sci-fi space-vampire novel. It’s called Blood Trace and it’s about an alien race who are vampiric, and it’s set in THE MYSTERIOUS FUTURE where humankind has gone out among the stars and interbred with anything vaguely humanoid in shape and genitalia. The point is, I’m going to try something radical by my standards, and that is to properly plan it out. Pics and detailed descriptions of characters; chapter summaries; motivations; a backstory for the universe to help me work out what they’re actually meant to be doing; all that sort of thing. I don’t usually do it that way. I’m trying something new. I’m envisioning a pinboard with loads of bits of paper and coloured wool. But that’s on the backburner, really, until I get some other stuff done.

I decided I’m probably going to invoke the Zokutou Clause for NaNoWriMo this year. Now I’ve been NaNoing for years I don’t feel comfortable not doing anything at all, but I do have three ongoing drafts to finish. If I can add 25k to each typed one, that’d do. The handwritten one I’m happy to add to as and when.

…Like this Friday! I’m off on a weekend adventure to Shropshire, which is hella far from here. If you’re not familiar with UK geography, it’s similar to the distance between Cleveland, Ohio and New York City. And a bit further than Portland, Oregon to Boise, Idaho.

I’m taking this last-minute, ill-advised trip (I’m back at work full time on Monday and I’ll be getting the train home Sunday alllllll day… Sunday service from the Welsh border to the Highlands is minimal, can I just say. What’s with that, National Rail Services? People need to go long distances, yknow!) to help out some people I don’t even know, and a person I’ve vaguely met. Because I’m kind like that. There might be pics from that as well, if anyone takes any. It’s a medieval thing.

If I’m not writing on the train, I’ll be sewing. I’ll be on the damn things for ten hours, give or take, and I have some embroidery to finish. My life, she is exciting. Right, well, off to ring the contents insurance people, and the electric people and tell them I’ve moved. Apparently they prefer that to a complex game of move and counter-move with treasure maps and coded messages. Their loss.




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