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A short one

I finally decided that it was time to really work at being a writer thanks to an amazing experience I had just over a month ago. Well, really it was the aftermath that spurred me to greatness. Don’t worry; this is not sex-related.

I let myself get sucked into something that then blew up in my face and I got emotionally hurt pretty badly by someone I trusted. That hurt turned to anger and that anger became productivity (the productivity has not so far led to the dark side).

Basically, a great swelling bubble of righteous indignation rose up in me like Cthulu from the deeps. I swore I would show this person what I’m capable of and that I would even dedicate my published book to them:


…to [name]

for making me so angry I stopped procrastinating

I think that by the time I finish a book and edit and publish, I will be less angry. I will probably have someone better or something more mature to dedicate my book to, but for now whenever I feel myself flagging, I remind myself of what happened. And my fingers fly over the keys.

…Accompanied by angry muttering.


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