Murder Express

Murder Express (Working titles are my specialty) is a horror/steampunk novel about, um, some murders that take place on a train.

I had the idea while watching a Lloyds advert on the TV; the ones with the massive rail networks. I thought “huh, what if instead of sailing/flying, we had built a railway line across the oceans instead?” and thus the slightly skewed version of a roughly Victorian-era world was born. The company responsible for the international rail network is called Trans-Eau, and at reasonably regular intervals in the track they have built station platforms called Waystations.

A Waystation has hotels and a small settlement of railway workers, fishermen, exiled criminals and pioneers, so that people who are travelling have somewhere to stop and stay instead of being on a train for a whole week without a break.

It’s very much a first draft and very much unfinished, but I really like where it’s going.

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