My name is Addison Crow and like a lot of people out there, I am an aspiring writer. Thank you, Internet, for helping millions of idiots to prostrate themselves on the altar of public forum for all to see.

I am based in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, where I have a full-time job not being a writer. I write fiction, usually fantasy of one form or another, usually with a supernatural or magical element.

I have always been interested in language and stories. I used to be taken to the local library on a Friday after school, where I would choose up to ten books to see me through a week or two. I used to start reading them in the car on the way home, and normally by Saturday lunchtime I’d have read half of them. *shrug* I come from a bookish family. I nearly missed Christmas dinner one year, so engrossed was I in The Princess Bride, which I had been given that morning.

Books have taught me far more than television. Books have saved me from myself. I have been to so many far off places without ever setting foot out of the front door. I would read anything if it stood still long enough. I love learning new words and investigate their roots.

Only this morning, I had an epiphany over “booking”, as in to book a room or to book tickets for something. It suddenly occurred to me that of course this would refer to the person’s request being written in a ledger or book to make sure it was known and dealt with and recorded. How did I not realise that before? I almost turned in my library card. Almost.

I do love literature. High-brow and pulp paperback jostle on my over-packed shelves. I have my favourites – too many, some would say – and you’ll probably hear all about them at length somewhere in this blog.

Why am I starting this blog? I already have too much to do! Well, I decided that if I actually want to be a writer then I need to write and be read. I will share things from my writing projects, maybe, and give you a frightening insight into my scatterbrained existence. I have a range of interests that you probably don’t care about, but buckle up, kiddo, because it’ll be there on the Information Super Highway assaulting your eyes anyway.

You have been warn- …welcomed.

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