Still Alive

Oh, hello, blog. It’s a hazy Saturday morning and I’ve just renewed my car tax.

My name is Addison and I haven’t updated since 15th April. Step one is admitting there’s a problem.

Well, hey, legions of fans *sips coffee* I still haven’t got my stuff off my old hard drive. I might just have to go into a computer shop and get them to take the hard drive out for me. I want my 240k of self-worth back. I keep getting all these new ideas (not just for writing) but with three millstones of unfinished drafts around my neck I’m loath to really get stuck in to anything new.

In the real world, work is also insanely busy. I’m directing a play with the kids. It’s a serious one. So we had the auditions and I’ve just put that aside because there’s a whole new lot of teaching to do and so much to prepare for that.

And I’ve got a load of sewing to do.

I’m at the tipping point of motivated success vs shame spiral. I can go get ‘em! Or I can ignore all the things and hope they go away. Hi there, TV.

Speaking of TV, Rivka and I have had double disappointment recently: they cancelled Almost Human and there’s no season 2 of Dracula either. Dammit. Karl Urban… nooooo… and Dracula really got going towards the end. Even if Lucy did look like a cut-rate Keira Knightley. At least we still have Orphan Black to rely on. Michiel Huisman has just turned up. So that’s nice.

Right. I’m off to work. Efficiencyyyyyy!


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