Waiting and Dinner-dating

In the last couple of weeks I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time waiting for people who are running late. Annoying as that is to me, sometimes it is unavoidable and I have to accept that (just keep crushing that rage down into a tiny ball inside…), but what it has done is given me an ace idea for a book.

The Waiting Room would be set in the future and is part OASIS from Ready, Player One and part Room of Requirement from Harry Potter. Combined with an old BBC show called The Smoking Room. Sort of.

Let me explain… so, you’re a bored member of the public, waiting for something or somebody: there’s a train delay, your mum is late picking you up from school… whatever. You can access an online virtual reality space designed for bored people waiting for stuff. Yes, I know, that’s exactly like the internet and already exists. We can sit with smartphones and tablets and while away that annoying limbo time quite easily.

Except it’s a specific community, like an old forum, chatroom, messageboard, but with VR tech so you’re not just typing random messages or posting pictures, but you can have adventures and stuff. And because people are posting requests based on times they are free, someone starts killing people off…

And it’s noticed, and there’s a manhunt online and IRL. Or something. I’ve not figured that much out yet.

Don’t bother pointing out obvious flaws, it’s at stage 0.5 not even stage 1.

Also, new project idea number two: The Dinner Date. Set in the recent past, back when dating agencies were real offices with paper printouts and you had to physically turn up to do questionnaires. A woman has loads of first dates but never gets a second, and is sort of written off by the agency, but it’s because one of the employees falls in love with her and sets her up on unsuitable dates on purpose so that a)she won’t get involved with anyone and b)she’ll have to keep coming in to see him, to set up more dates. Also at stage 0.5

Wow I’ve been busy putting off all the stuff I’m meant to be doing this week!

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