Every day I’m Hustling

Yesterday I saw one of those little things that restore’s one’s faith in humanity. I had parked in the little pay and display that is one of the cheaper ones at the top of town and so is usually chocka. I was happy I even found a space to start with. Then I got to the ticket machine and saw that people had left their still-valid tickets stuck to the machine. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be so I bought a ticket myself, but it made me smile that people would leave them. I’m sure it isn’t a new thing – I’ve been known to physically offer my ticket to someone if I’m leaving and someone’s just parked – but this fluttering display of tiny kindness made my afternoon. When I came back to my car I went and stuck my own ticket on the machine – there was an hour left on it – and all the other tickets were gone.

Rivka and I went to the cinema last night and after a bit of debate finally settled for American Hustle. I quite enjoyed it but Rivka wasn’t so sure. I didn’t know anything about the real story that it borrows from, so I didn’t know how it was going to end. It was hard to follow the genre of the film: I was unsure if it was a proper caper or a serious thriller. There are some funny moments – some intentional, some not – and the actual performances were top notch (Jeremy Renner’s hair piece should get an award, as should Christian Bale’s combover) but it couldn’t quite make up its mind. It was good though because I kept trying to guess who the focus of the movie was meant to be and how that would affect the outcome.

I kept guessing wrong on the plot turns (not twists; they weren’t so dramatic and unpredictable as to be called twists) but that’s not unusual. I’m not very good on plot predicting. I was kept interested because of that though: was Bradley Cooper going to get in on the con game and leave the FBI? Was the Florida Mob going to be arrested? Who was going to get the girl? Would Jennifer Lawrence burn the house down? Who would die and who would live and who would get away with it… it was all on the table. I was wrong about pretty much all of it.

Through the film there’s a story being told by Bradley Cooper’s boss that never gets finished. Cooper keeps guessing the ending and annoying the boss so he refuses to tell the rest of it. Not knowing that was just as frustrating as the rest of it. It’s a decent film with a rocking late seventies soundtrack, though.

I’m currently about halfway through an amazing book called Conversations with Spirits that is rocking my world. I only seem to get through big bits when I’m in the bath, but that could be because the author, E O Higgins, is usually pictured therein and it influences my decision making. I am thoroughly enjoying myself reading it. It’s about a man who has been asked to debunk a medium, set in 1917, and as it is a first-person narrative, the language is exquisite. I’ll let you know when I’m done.

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