I love Christmas. Not an unusual opinion.

I’m sitting in my living room with Rise Against coming out of the speakers, looking at the log fire and contemplating the next festive activity with a cheeky glass of white wine. I think what it will be though is washing up and tidying, because with me and Rivka both busy on various projects, the housework goes by the wayside a little. And neither of us particularly likes doing the dishes. Ugh. Ah well, I earned some grown up points earlier so I feel I ought to earn so more so I can save them up and have a childish tantrum some time in the next week.

Anyway, Christmas. I’ve been making some things this year, from my stores of fabric and craft items, and I’ve really been enjoying it. You might know from Twitter, or from other vague mentions in posts, that I do a fair bit of sewing and crafting. So making presents and decorations is almost a busman’s holiday, but with the added pleasure of seeing someone realise I took the time to make them something instead of just clicking on Amazon or something. I’ve not made everything, I’m not a machine for heaven’s sake, but I have some things that I want to get finished this weekend and in the next week.

Haha, I did just order something from Amazon though, because I can’t make ceramic baking beads. But I’ve made some stuff. And I posted an international parcel today! That’s even more grown up points for me! I stood in the queue at the Post Office and filled in a customs form –

That really annoys me because I want the present I sent to be a surprise and I have to write on the label what is in it. Like, I understand the reasoning, and I am happy to do it, but it ruins the magic of “oh wow a surprise parcel! What could be in it?”

– and everything! I did parcel corners on the wrapping, too. I’m an epically good wrapper. I love ribbons and bows and neat wrapping. I think I like the wrapping of the gifts the best. It’s like wrapping up all the potential and all the best bits of the holiday (religious aspect notwithstanding) and then the presents sit about for a week or two reminding you that they’re there, waiting to be given. Looking all pretty, and possibly colour co-ordinated. And sparkly, on occasion. I can even wrap bottles (properly!) despite the wide availability of bottle bags. I’m big on personal gift tags.

Oooh! Maybe I should make truffles again?! I made some awesome cherry ones the year before last. They were hella tasty. Mmm tasty wine.

Well, time to go do the dishes. Rivka has helpfully piled them up for me on the worktop. Then I don’t know what to do… early night maybe. Today has seemed so long with all my productivity!

PS Been singing Kick it up a Notch for 36 hours straight. I think I got this!

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