Oh, gentle blog, I have neglected you of late. I’m very sorry. I have been busier than anyone in their entire life has ever been.

As you know, I work with teenagers, and this particular group are staging a musical in the next few weeks. I’m in charge of costumes. And with three weeks to go, one of the principals ended up in hospital, so I’m now also doing their role. So I’ve been learning lines, songs and dances (including my solo song which I loathe) and frantically sewing. And doing my actual job. And still trying to do all that while looking presentable and feeding myself with better stuff than junk food.

This afternoon I had to sing my solo song (which I loathe) in front of the main cast for the first time. It wasn’t as bone-crushingly awful as I was afraid of. Rehearsal was pretty fun, and I didn’t miss the bus home. I think I have used public transport more times in the last two years than I ever did before I could drive.

We came round one of the many bends on Highland roads, and the sun came blazing on. It was spectacular. I smiled. My mp3 player decided to play all my favourite and most rocking songs. I feel good about the weekend. There’s still a lot to do – you should have seen last week’s to-do list – and I have to be up early and on the train at half eight in the morning for some more town centre trudging, but I’m thinking positively.

I need to make another list tonight. My laundry is already on, and I have a yummy chicken casserole in the oven. I’m sooooooo domestic. Hashtag goddess.

In the midst of the maelstrom, I did manage to catch the first episode of Orphan Black, now showing on terrestrial TV in the UK. So cool. Quite looking forward to episode two tonight. Also quite excited by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D coming next week. I think they clash actually, so I will be torn on what to watch live and what to watch on catch-up…

Hashtag firstworldproblems. On the other hand, maybe I can just watch Avengers again tonight while I do more hand-sewing? I do love Avengers. AND it’s almost time for Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing to come out on DVD! Spoilt for choice the next few weeks, eh?

Now back to the sewing.

Also, mental note: Don’t pin a russet coloured blanket around yourself while also wearing a forest green jumper. Similarity to a Hobbit evident.

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