Redemption: Darkness Falls ~ Cover reveal!

Now, some of you may know my friend Rivka (I talk about her often enough). She’s a writer but she also takes on editing for other people. A while back, she edited a book called Obsession: Darkness Falls, which is about a woman called Noelle who gets into a very intense relationship with the lead singer of mysterious rock group Darkness Falls. It’s a bit of a tough read because this singer – Gabriel – is not a very likeable person: he’s selfish and petulant and at times a bit sociopathic. He’s a great character and it helps make the book very strong, but I wouldn’t want any of my friends going out with him. I read it all in one lump because I couldn’t put it down, if that’s any kind of recommendation, but golly it took it out of me. I like books that make me think and question and get me invested. This one does. And it takes full advantage. I felt like I’d done six rounds with Mike Tyson when I was done.

The sequel to Obsession is out next month, and now I have a blog I thought I’d get in on the pre-release hype. So, without further ado, I give you Redemption: Darkness Falls by Ivory Quinn. (with a MASSIVE spoiler in the synopsis)


‘Cause you are my invisible strings

You’re the ties that bind me whole

You’re all that keeps me together

You’re the dark matter of my soul

It’s been six long months since Gabriel died and Noelle’s nightmares are swallowing her whole.

In a last ditch attempt to save her sanity, Jax takes her to Cal Henway, the infamous and enigmatic Master of Kink, to see if he can slay her demons. He, in turn, entrusts her care to Master Blue – Dom, loveable rogue and practical joker.

Blue knows the only way to silence her demons is to sate them, but will their journey through the darkest parts of her desires save her, or break her beyond all repair?

Sorry about the major spoiler; I didn’t write it.

This is also meant to be the cover reveal, so I thought I’d save that for last…

Ooh, saucy!

Redemption: Darkness Falls ~ Ivory Quinn

I’m doubly excited for this release because the fan group had a competition to write our first chapter for Redemption, the way we thought it could be, and mine won! So my chapter will be published in the back of Redemption for everyone to read as well. So really this is all about me…

Redemption: Darkness Falls is released on 2nd August 2013 

Book 1 ~ Obsession: Darkness Falls is available now here in the US and here in the UK

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