A quick catch-up

Alright, it’s new blog post day but it’s been a busy few days and so I thought I’d give you an update on what I’ve been up to instead of a massive ramble.

I have been:

-trying to avoid scratching my scabs from my hideous cuts (see back a couple of entries) but it’s so difficult! They’re huge and thick like a lava flow and they ain’t going away any time soon. The one on my knee is ridiculous!

-writing flash fiction for Scrolls

-writing poems for The Opening Line

-writing fanfiction for a competition (and then winning) run by a lady called Ivory Quinn and her insanely enthusiastic fan group. Ivory wrote a book called Obsession: Darkness Falls (first half of a two book set) which is very dark and really twisted. It’s a book I’m glad I read but I had to stop and question a lot of things which is sort of the point. Anyway, there was a comp to write our own chapter 1 of the second book (Redemption) which is coming out in August and I won. So my chapter will be printed at the back of the book! (Ivory says none of the entries actually got it right so it’ll be interesting to see how they compare)

-watching Community again from the beginning. I’m about four episodes into season 2 and right back in the Greendale zone. Alison Brie is my new style icon.

-watching The Fall on the BBC. My goodness. Next week is the final episode and it’s all gone a bit haywire. There’s a man strangling women in their own homes because he stalks them and breaks in, and the audience knows who the killer is because we see him going about his daily life as well. It’s set in Belfast so there’s a lot of politics and police corruption and gang-drug stuff going on too, which is getting in the way of the serial murder investigation. Gillian Anderson plays the senior investigating officer and she plays it cold and hard. I wouldn’t be surprised to find she’d killed a few people in her time.

It’s very intense. I was alone in the house last night watching it and doing my ironing and afterwards I was a bit jumpy. I was washing up and thought I heard something in the hall and nearly freaked right out. I checked all the windows before I went to bed. Catch up on the iPlayer if you can!

-walking about at a book fair, looking at (and buying…) delicious old books. I bought two. One of them has yet more cross-stitch patterns in it. I know – I have more than enough already. But it was so old! And useful! If I ever become a hoarder it’ll be for old craft books and supplies.

-NOT watching Game of Thrones. I don’t have Sky TV so I haven’t been watching it (I have read the books) but I gather something important happened this week given the way the Internet has exploded…

I’ll try and write a real entry for Friday. And maybe some more of the books I’m meant to be writing.

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